The Razor™ Kits

For your convenience, and to help you to start using the Razor™ products, Chem-Dry® has defined three different Razor Kits.

Our Gallery

  • The Razor Kit

    The Razor Kit contains The Razor Floor tool, Cans of both, Hard Floor Cleaner and Carpet Spotter, and a 12 pack of Razor cleaning pads. This kit is for those of you who want to clean Hard Floor Surfaces or Carpet Spots but have not yet decided to try this range of products on wall tiles, countertops, showers, etc.

  • The Razor Deluxe Kit

    The Razor Deluxe kit includes the Floor Razor for cleaning wood, tile, and laminate floors, and for cleaning spots from carpeting. In addition, this kit also includes the Hand Razor, which uses the same cleaning solutions and pads as it’s bigger brother, and is designed for cleaning cabinets, countertops, showers, and walls. Also included in this kit are: Cans of, Carbonated Hard Floor Cleaner, Carbonated Carpet Spotter and All-Purpose Surface Cleaner, and 24 disposable cleaning pads.

  • The Hand Razor Kit

    This kit contains, The Hand Razor, a can of All-Purpose Surface Cleaner, and a packet of 12 Razor pads. When you have walls, cabinets, showers or countertops to clean, and there isn’t a lot of space around you, the Hand Razor is the perfect accessory. This tool will allow you to maneuver in and out of corners and concentrate on specific areas.


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