Advantages Of Choosing MCMC for Your Pest Problems


We use the technique called Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which is a program where chemicals are limited and used only where the application can be 100% environmentally friendly. IPM utilizes methods to discourage pests from entering facilities and keeps pests away so that harsh chemicals are not needed where sensitivity is an issue. It is a total program, environmentally sound, people-safe and well planned including on-going maintenance that will keep your facility pest-free.

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  • MCMC has you covered:

    The combination of the highest expertise and quick access to resources assures your health care facility the best solution. From the food storage areas to the dining facilities, retail stores, offices, restrooms, nursing stations, research labs, treatment rooms, nurseries, surgical prep areas, restaurants, waste removal areas, and clinical labs MCMC has you covered with a blanket of services. We offer the most comprehensive lists of pests covered.

  • General Process:

    A thorough inspection will require time to determine types of construction and to inspect crawl spaces, basements, attics, and other areas. This involves inspecting indoors and outdoors in the vicinity of the structure. After an inspection, the technician should discuss any termite problems and submit a proposal for treatment. It is a good idea to ask to see these problem areas and have the technician point out characteristics that will enable you to identify termites or their damage.

  • What we do for your business:

    • Send an expert Service Technician to inspect and find the source of the infestation
    • Recommend and provide suitable pest control and prevention procedures
    • Retain entomologists on staff
    • Guarantee our work
  • Our Advantage

    There are numerous reasons to choose MCMC Services. Professionals like you specifically benefit from the following:

    • Excellent response time
    • Complete documentation
    • IPM (Integrated Pest Management)
    • MCMC guarantee
    • The most extensive list of pests covered
    • Security with our employees
  • The MCMC guarantee:

    • You are choosing among the best professionals in the pest industry.
    • Your building becomes our responsibility and we take pride in ownership.
    • We will create a custom program that will specifically meet your needs and your expectations.
    • NO pests Zero Tolerance.
  • Safety and Security

    MCMC uses an Integrated Pest Management approach that uses no more pesticide than absolutely necessary to do the job. Integrated Pest Management combines careful monitoring of pest activity, worker education, and proper sanitation with selective pesticide application. The result: your health care facility gets maximum pest control protection with minimum pesticide usage. That’s a healthy solution for everyone!

The Spirit of MCMC
MCMC core values of
Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Safety, and Quality
are the foundation of our business philosophy.
They influence how we treat each other
and how we treat our customers
and suppliers fairly and honestly.


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