Chem-Dry welcomes all customer feedback regarding a recent carpet, upholstery or tile cleaning. Below are testimonials from actual clients who’ve taken advantage of Chem-Dry’s stellar services. In addition to a comment, each customer has the opportunity to score their experience with Chem-Dry.

Residential Customer Comments

  • Courteous on time service. I have had the same serviceman for over ten years, Mario. He has been with me through all of my teenagers (one still at home spilling on the off-white carpet), one cat who contributes to the stains and one dog who loves to sneak up stairs to mark his territory. Needless to say, Mario, is a one-of-a-kind guy.

    Score: 10/10, Judy O
  • They arrived on time, worked quickly and didn't try to sell me more than I needed.

    Score 10/10, Tara T
  • I have used Chem-Dry for about 10 years. It is a great product. I wish to say that the 2 technicians, Mike and Billy, came out and did an outstanding job. Neat, professional, and I thought they went above and beyond to protect my recently redone hardwoods. It was very nice having someone like them in your home to do a job. Thanks.

    Score:10/10, Gloria K
  • Amazing! That's the only way I can describe the job you did on my sofa and love seat today. I have never written a testimonial letter in my life, but your service deserved it. My wife was to the point of replacing the two pieces, which were in good condition except soiled by use. I was looking at spending several thousands of dollars to buy new living room furniture. While they do not look new, they look as well as any three-year-old, light-colored fabric sofa and love seat I have ever seen.

    Score: 10/10, submitted by John Green
  • Did a great job. I had some seriously dirty carpet. Looks and feels soooo much better.

    Score 9/10, Beth Barnett
  • The friendliness of the personnel at the company impressed me. The quality of work was well done. I had a carpet that my wife and I thought would have to be thrown out and EVERYTHING came out of it. My brother and daughter could not believe how great that carpet and ALL the carpets came out! I am happier than a pig in mud! Thank you! Great Job! Our technician was the 'Bomb!' He really did a great job; friendly, explained a lot of things to me and did a fantastic job!

    Score: 10/10, Randy B
  • Products did a great job... two very competent technicians... exceptional customer service.

    Score: 10/10, Wolf G
  • Very professional! My carpet dried much faster this time than the previous time. You said you would take care of that problem and you did.

    Score: 9/10, Daria H
  • We like the fast and courteous service from your office to the expertise of your serviceman. I would like to especially thank Mario, a good tech and more importantly, a gentleman. Thank you and see you soon.

    Score 10/10, submitted by Gene A
  • Your crew is incredibly efficient! Our pathetic carpet looks amazing!

    Score: 10/10, submitted by Kerry C
  • The guy who came to my house was courteous and professional. I have used your service in the past and like the way my carpets look when they dry. Drying time is much shorter than the traditional process.

    Score: 10/10, submitted by Marion J
  • I have had my carpets cleaned a few times with other companies and never have we had our carpet look as clean as it does now. I like the fact that you vacuum and do spot cleaning and have the availability and products to remove soiled stains. Your employees are very congenial and professional. They offer good advice on stain removal and how to keep carpets clean. Plus the fact that you offer scotch guard was a plus for me.

    Score: 10/10, submitted by Diana B
  • The technician was very friendly, knowledgeable and thorough. I had never had my carpets done professionally and had I known how simple and quick with the results we got, would have called a long time ago.

    Score: 10/10, submitted by Tim N
  • I was very pleased with my experience with your company. My carpet looks almost brand new. I will definitely have you back again. David was very pleasant and informative. As far as your products, they did the trick removing the doggy odor that was coming from my carpet. Thank you.

    Score: 10/10, submitted by Debbie B
  • The service was excellent, including the removal of a stain which prior cleanings were unable to remove.

    Score: 10/10, Cherry H
  • The technicians were very cordial, good workers, and we are happy with the job they did for us. The carpet came out very clean and fluffy - not bad for a fairly old carpet!

    Score: 9/10, Sue C
  • I like the fact that the stains do not reappear as in other carpet cleaning that I have used in the past.

    Score: 10/10, Harriet K
  • I have always been very pleased with the way my carpets look after they have been cleaned by Chem-Dry. I do appreciate the way pieces of plastic are placed under wooden furniture legs thus preventing staining from the wood.

    Score: 10/10, Rita C
  • Your service man was knowledgeable and detailed. The carpets were dry in an hour! The smell of your cleaner was fresh and natural.

    Score: 10/10, Sarah G
  • The cleaning of my wall to wall carpet comes out so well and I am able to walk on it in a few hours. The carpet `{`area rug`}` that was taken out to be cleaned at your establishment looks great - and it was pretty soiled.

    Score: 10/10, submitted by Catherine K
  • I like that the rugs are not as wet and dry quicker than other `{`companies`}`. Your spray cleaner also works well in between cleanings.

    Score: 10/10, submitted by Dawn G
  • The effectiveness of your process, not as wet as other applications, you get the edges clean, unlike others, it is a fast process with very competent people.

    Score: 10/10, submitted by Mary M
  • Easily scheduled. Arrived on time. Professionally performed. Reasonable rates. Easy communication with technicians.

    Score: 10/10, submitted by Jamie T
  • The pet odor treatment really worked. I was skeptical at first, but was very impressed. No more urine odor.

    Score: 10/10, submitted by Melonie H
  • Carpets dry quickly and I thought our service tech was very professional, courteous and thorough. He did a great job.

    Score: 10/10, submitted by Glenda A
  • The technicians went above and beyond the call of duty! Were thorough yet very efficient. Thank you!

    Score: 9/10, submitted by Jessica M
  • Very professional and 'greener' cleaners.

    Score: 10/10, Natasha C
  • My carpet was extremely dirty and had many stains from a party. Chem-Dry left it looking new.

    Score: 10/10, Ed E
  • Excellent service representative. He was extremely helpful, professional and courteous in solving our carpet cleaning issues that had mainly been animal issues. Thanks again for another great job!

    Score: 10/10, Georgia H
  • The gentleman who came to our house was very polite and professional. He explained everything to us and we ended doing two rooms instead of just the one we had planned on. The prices and the service were great. The carpets look and smell brand new! I won't be calling anyone else from now on!

    Score: 10/10, Melanie O
  • Employee was on-time, polite and worked fast. Very professional.

    Score: 9/10, submitted by Vincent C.
  • The quality of cleaning is outstanding and we like the fact that the cleaning products used are safe for our daughter and dog. Also, our technician Lloyd Pelletier is conscientious and polite. He consistently does a fabulous job.

    Score: 10/10, submitted by Roseanne S
  • Service from Tim and Phil has been exceptional as well as from the woman who schedule the service. We are a repeat customer for this reason. The cleaning is great. No strong odors, no messes. I don't have to worry about vacuuming before hand - and best of all, I feel like my floors and carpets are new again!

    Score: 9/10, submitted by Jill G
  • Service personnel on the phone were extremely friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable. The man that cleaned our carpet was very nice and did an excellent job. He moved my furniture because my husband wasn't home. The only spot left was an old coffee stain...and I can barely see it. We are VERY satisfied and will definitely call Chem Dry again.

    Score: 10/10, submitted by Meredith B
  • Rey (our technician) was very helpful and courteous and he did a very thorough job. Most of the spots that had been there forever are now gone.

    Score: 10/10, submitted by Adriana A
  • Thank you so much for cleaning my carpets at home. I really appreciate it. It was great service and looks as good as it can get. The young man `{`service technician`}` was a pleasure. We love your service.

    Score: 9/10, submitted by Kim Clem
  • Your Service Techs were prompt, cordial, informative and thorough. Chem-Dry has come through with amazing results on our carpet with the pet stains and other stains too (like ink)! We were very pleased with your services.

    Score: 10/10, submitted by Kathie B
  • DJ and the rest of his crew were professional, polite, well trained, and tireless. They did exactly what they said they were going to do when they said they would do it, and were absolutely fabulous to work with.

    Score: 10/10, submitted by Mike W


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